How to Make a Mini Crab Appetizer

Crab is the perfect meat for an appetizer because it is delicious hot or cold, can be made into several different dishes and has a sense of richness about it. Although these types of appetizers are most popular along the coasts, particularly the coast of the Atlantic Ocean where crabbing is done, people throughout the country can enjoy savory crab appetizers by purchasing canned or frozen crabmeat. These appetizers, which are not difficult to make, are sure to be a delightful beginning to any party.

Types of Mini Crab Appetizers

How to Make a Tomato Mozzarella Appetizer

Tomato and mozzarella make a delicious appetizer that is simple to prepare and impressive to guests. Whether you want to use skewers, bruschetta, stylish plating, or cored cherry tomatoes to make your appetizer pop, it is sure to wow any guest. You can even toss them together to make an Italian style salad.

The Mozzarella

How to Make Easy Banana Bread

Homemade banana bread is an easy and delicious way to eat nutritious fruit. It makes a great snack, can be used for dessert because of its natural sweetness and pairs well with numerous meals. In fact, most children love banana bread. Whether it is made in the bread machine or is baked in the oven, the results are superb.

Items Needed for Making Banana Bread

How To Make An Energy Bar

As healthy and organic foods become more popular, many individuals are becoming interested in making their own foods at home. A popular homemade food in many families is energy bars. They are simple to make and require only a few ingredients.

Why Homemade Energy Bars Are Popular

Homemade energy bars are loved by children and adults. As long as they are not too chewy, even very young children can enjoy them. While they taste delicious to children, parents can rest assured that the sweet flavor is full of healthy energy.

How To Make Chocolate Candy

Making your own chocolate candy is highly rewarding and not as difficult as you might expect. There are number of different ways to make your own chocolate treats that will impress guests and satisfy to your taste buds.

How To Make Pickled Banana Peppers

Many people grow their own banana peppers in their backyard gardens. In addition, peppers are readily available in most grocery stores and at farmer’s markets. Their popularity is due to their amazing flavor without a great deal of spiciness. Even people who dislike spicy foods find that banana peppers make a great addition to many tasty dishes.

Benefits of Pickling One’s Own Banana Peppers

How to Make a mixed fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothies are quickly gaining popularity as many people realize their health benefits. In fact, several restaurants and fast food chains even serve them because they are such trendy drinks. However, those who have the right ingredients and who know the basic steps for making mixed fruit smoothies will surely prefer to make them at home with their own ingredients.

Benefits of Mixed Fruit Smoothies

How to Select a Gas Barbeque Grill

BBQ has always been an integral part of American food culture. The popularity of grilling continues to grow and grow from one year to the next, and has become the most popular trend to kick off the spring and summer seasons. Certain events have become synonymous with the BBQ, like tail-gating for the big game, family get-togethers, birthday parties and much more. The gas BBQ grill is being used to spruce up backyards everywhere, and making the decision to purchase one for yourself can be a pretty exciting task.

Make pickled banana peppers - How to

Pickled banana peppers are delicious in an array of foods. Of course, they are great on sandwiches and salads but can also be used in unique ways, such as in omelets. Banana peppers are usually light to medium green; however, in some climates they may ripen on the vine into an array of beautiful colors, including yellows, oranges and reds. Any banana peppers that are ripe and firm are great choices for use in canning.

Makechocolate candy - How to

Homemade chocolate candy makes an enjoyable treat throughout the year and especially during holiday seasons. There are several different types of homemade chocolate candy, and the items that one will need to make it will depend on the exact candy that is chosen. Some candies are placed on sticks as lollipops. Others are formed by hand, such as by rolling into a ball. Some are made in layers, such as a chocolate bark. However, many bite-sized chocolate candies are made in molds.


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