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How To Become A Gadget Geek

Do you know someone who is a gadget geek? It can be highly desirable to turn into a gadget geek so you can be the one showing off all of your new tools and toys. If you know someone who has all of the latest and greatest, you may have a little bit of tech envy. By understanding the technology market and following some tips and tricks, you, too, can become a gadget geek.

Top Gadgets

There are all sorts of top gadgets out on the market. Before you go out and buy everything that’s for sale, you want to home in on the type of gadget geek that you want to be. This is going to have everything to do with your personality as well as what you like to do. You may want to be the technical geek, the kitchen geek or even the fitness geek. Once you choose your area of geekiness, you can proceed with the gadgets.

If you want to be a technical geek, there are some things that you have to have. This includes:

- Smartphone

- Tablet

- Cool apps

You may also want to go to an all new level and get some Google glasses and maybe even some software and hardware for your computer.

If you are a kitchen geek, your gadgets are going to make prepping and cooking a lot easier. Gadgets you can look for include:

- Tablet for online recipes

- State of the art blender

- Kitchen-oriented apps

If you are a fitness geek, then your gadgets are going to help you feel the burn and study what you put into and get out of your body. Gadgets will include:

- Smartphone with fitness apps

- Watch that synchs to your fitness app

- Cool new workout gear

Regardless of who you are and what you like to do, you can become a gadget geek. The key is knowing what kinds of things you want to buy because you cannot just go out and buy it all. You can find gadgets for everything and everything. New all-in-one remotes allow you to get rid of your other TV and DVD remotes. Some even allow for voice commands. Figure out how you want to communicate with technology and there are gadgets to help you.

Tips & Tricks

There are some great tips and tricks when it comes to becoming a geek gadget.

Think about what you spend the most time on. It could be anything from calculating your target heart rate to finding out what movie is playing this weekend. Then search the Internet for a gadget or app that will help to save you time.

Do your research to learn about the features of a product that you hear about. You may think it does one thing when in reality it does something else. There may even be another item on the market that does more and costs less money. You never have to buy something just because someone else has it. In the end, you want a product that is cool because of how it helps you.

Be sure to read reviews on products. There are a lot of geeks out there that spend a significant amount of money on products only to learn that the product wasn’t as useful as they had hoped. Various resources are designed to show you the pros and cons of products. This will help you to make an informed decision about whether a product is worth the money or not.

Don’t assume that a gadget is the same price all over the Internet. You will find that the price can vary dramatically from store to store. Try to locate a promo code to get a discount on the item. You should also try to find a store that offers free or reduced price shipping and handling. Making price comparisons prior to making a purchase can really pay off.

Find out if a product is upgradeable. If there are new updates for an item all the time, you may want to wait until things settle down. The last thing you want to do is go out and spend money on an item only to find out that a new release is coming out next week. You don’t want something to become obsolete before you have even had a chance to try it out.

Go for gadgets that help you. You can have all the gadgets in the world, but if they don’t help you, they aren’t really doing anything more than giving you bragging rights amongst your friends. Read through features and figure out where you want help. You may be able to stumble onto new products by doing your research.

Additional Information

You will go broke if you try and keep up with all of the technology tools and toys that come out. There are simply too many things – and many companies release similar products. You only need one of everything – and even that is too much. Figure out where you want the most help and then look for cool gadgets that help you to accomplish the things you do on a regular basis.

Start with a tablet and/or smartphone that has a lot of features. From there, you can form the basis for your geekdom. Many apps and accessories can go along with your handheld device so you can always have what’s new on the market. After you choose your tablet or smartphone, you will also be able to know whether to target Android or iOS friendly gadgets.,2806,2358246,00.asp