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A career as a chemist may be right for an individual if he or she loves to learn new things, enjoys doing research and has a diligent and analytical mind. Chemists are deeply involved in numerous industries, thereby making this career choice an exciting one. Chemists look at various types of matter, particularly at its smallest levels of molecules and atoms. They study how various substances interact. In addition, they work with making new substances and changing the properties of other substances. For example, a chemist might work on a new type of fertilizer for farmers, or he may create a new perfume. Of course, chemists, such as chemical engineers, also work in larger scale areas, such as nuclear plants and pharmaceutical companies. Other chemists work in laboratories or in high school or college classrooms teaching chemistry.

The individual seeking a career as a chemist will have to choose which type of chemistry interests him. A biochemist studies how chemicals interact with living organisms, such as plants. Theoretical chemistry makes use of two other subject matters that are highly important to chemists; these are physics and mathematics. Another option is medicinal chemistry, which studies how medicines interact and how they work in the body. A few other fields include analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. No matter which career field is chosen, every chemist will need a solid educational background. This includes a bachelor’s degree at the very least as well as a master’s degree and a PhD for some. One of the best ways to gain experience for a chemistry career is by taking an internship with a reputable chemist.