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How To Become A Draughtsman

A draughtsman, commonly referred to as a draftsman or drafter, is a person who takes an architectural design and converts them into plans that production and construction crew can follow. Learning how to become makes it possible to see one's work come to life. Drafts for buildings are created by a draughtsman.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career choice has a slower than average job growth. However, the pay is an impressive $48,000 a year on average. Additionally, the education required to become a draughtsman does not take a significant amount of time.

Most people begin as a junior draughtsman and then slowly work themselves into a full position within a few short years.

Getting the Education

It can be beneficial to prepare for becoming a draughtsman in high school. Classes such as science, mathematics, and computer technology can all provide assistance. Some high schools also have a variety of other classes, such as CAD and drafting. These are ideal electives that can be taken in order to prepare for the career.

Speaking to various employers to find out what kind of education they want for a draftsman is important. Many will require at least a certificate from a qualified program – though some also want to see an associate degree. Attending school for a full four years to get a bachelor’s degree can also make it easy to advance in the drafting an architectural industry.

Study should be concentrated on design fundamentals, CAD software, sketching and even architecture. Many colleges have a degree specifically for drafting, which can provide the necessary education.

For those who only want to spend 1 to 2 years in school, attending a technical school is often the best choice. Finding a technical school that offers a certificate program in CAD/drafting will make it easier to become a draughtsman.

Another option is to choose a community college with a similar program. Community colleges will also require such courses as math, science, and English to be taken as well in order to round out an education and provide an associate degree. A technical school will focus more on drafting theory and CAD as opposed to general education.

Choosing a technical school or community college does not rule out the possibility of attending a college or university down the road. As long as the school that is attended is accredited, all of the courses that are taken will transfer over to a four-year school. This makes it easy to go back at a later date and obtain a bachelor's degree – without spending four years to get it.

Paying for the Education

Becoming a draughtsman may require a formal education, but that doesn’t have to lead to student loan debt.

There are many opportunities to obtain financial aid for drafting school. This can include grants from the federal government, scholarships and grants from various organizations and companies, and much more. One should fill out the FAFSA, apply for as many scholarships as possible, and talk to their school to find out other ways to lower the cost of schooling.

Various student loan options also exist. This makes it easy to get the money for school and not have to pay until graduation. Once a person is earning a higher salary, the student loan payments will begin.

Getting Work Experience

After graduating from technical school, community college, or a four-year college or university, most employers want to seek some kind of work experience. There are a variety of internships that can be obtained with construction companies and architectural firms. This allows a draughtsman to gain experience working in the real world. They will often be working side-by-side with a draughtsman to learn the tools of the trade and see how their education translates into real skills.

Another option for students to explore is that of the military. Technical training can be received from the military, which means that going to a technical school can be eliminated. Once a person gets their technical training from the military, they will begin working as a draughtsman for one of the branches of the military – whichever one they apply to. All of this training can be applied toward a civilian draughtsman position.

Getting the Job

Creating a resume that demonstrates education as well as experience is important. A person may have to apply at a variety of different construction firms and architectural firms in order to get an interview. As soon as a person is able to demonstrate that they have a firm grasp on what they need to do, they can look forward to being hired. As a person develops more job experience, they will be able to move up the ranks quickly.

Those who want to move past the position of draughtsman may be able to do so with additional training as well as by going back to school to get additional education. A person should always speak up on the job if they want to learn new tasks and get into a new position because on-the-job training may be provided. Some companies will also pay for a person to go back to school in order to get a higher degree. This can reduce the financial burden and allow a person to get the education they need in order to seek a new position as well as a higher salary.

Becoming a draughtsman can be very rewarding. It is typically a position that spends a significant amount of time in front of the computer and hours can be set by the person. Nights, weekends, and holidays are traditionally not worked – and this makes the position that much more enticing.

With a little bit of training and the determination to become a draughtsman, anyone can do so. Finding out about what a company wants to see on a resume for such a position is important as it can vary from place to place. Within a year or so, a person can have a new career in front of them.