How to Become a Nuclear Engineer

For a systems engineer to be employed in operation and supervision of nuclear plants, one must complete a four
year degree course in nuclear engineering in a college that is accredited by ABET. For research, regulatory and other
related fields a masters or a doctorate will be the norm. The pay begins at six figures (which is roughly a third higher
than other engineers and three times that of the median income in this country). While it is good if you are licensed,
it is not a hard requirement. However internship and the experience from it is a valuable asset.


Engineering is one of the most ancient human endeavors. Long before modern technology was developed, the ancient Egyptians used their knowledge of geometry and mathematics to construct their pyramids. The Romans were excellent engineers too - they constructed buildings with arches, aqueducts, bridges and roads, many of which are still in use today. The Great Wall of China is another big feat of engineering.

What an engineer does

How to Paint a picture frame

Painting a picture frame can be inspirational and be away for creativity to flow. Learning how to paint a picture frame is simple – and one can find out how, regardless of their skill level. Once a picture frame is painted, it can enhance the picture that it goes around in a new and interesting way. Picture frames can be painted or repainted in order to fit a person's desires.

Supplies Needed for Painting

Make pickled banana peppers - How to

Pickled banana peppers are delicious in an array of foods. Of course, they are great on sandwiches and salads but can also be used in unique ways, such as in omelets. Banana peppers are usually light to medium green; however, in some climates they may ripen on the vine into an array of beautiful colors, including yellows, oranges and reds. Any banana peppers that are ripe and firm are great choices for use in canning.

Makechocolate candy - How to

Homemade chocolate candy makes an enjoyable treat throughout the year and especially during holiday seasons. There are several different types of homemade chocolate candy, and the items that one will need to make it will depend on the exact candy that is chosen. Some candies are placed on sticks as lollipops. Others are formed by hand, such as by rolling into a ball. Some are made in layers, such as a chocolate bark. However, many bite-sized chocolate candies are made in molds.

How to Make a plaster casts of a dinosaur footprint

The great majority of human beings work at jobs that are routine and do not make a large-scale difference in what humankind as a whole knows or how they look at things. They sell things. They do bookkeeping. They deliver the mail. They help construct buildings. Very few people get to work with the remains of creatures that died millions of years before there were any humans. Such professionals are about as rare as the remains themselves. This article will describe such an exciting career.

Learn Spanish for free online - How to

Spanish is the third most used language around the world and is spoken by approximately 500 million people. Of course, it is particularly prevalent in Latin America, South America and Spain. However, along with English, it is one of the languages most often used in international commerce. Outside of these basic reasons, Spanish is a beautiful language that is not very difficult to learn. One of the best ways to learn Spanish these days is free online. The internet offers a wide range of websites that can teach beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish.

How to Learn Ancient (classical) Greek for free online

Learning an ancient language holds great interest for many, especially for those who are interested in past cultures, the history of language and modern word etymologies. Ancient Greek, in particular, is an intriguing language to study because many modern words come from this language. In addition, many ancient books of philosophy and religion were written in Greek. Knowing how to read this language can open up a completely new world for the student. The ancient Greek student will learn about the Greek culture, religion and worldview while he studies the language.

How to Install a flagstone walkway

A flagstone walkway is made of large pieces of flat natural stones to create a unique and beautiful garden path. Because these walkways are designed for the individual pleasure of the homeowner, they can be planned and placed in virtually any pattern that the homeowner likes. However, there are a few tips that can make the walkway look natural and that can create a safe and useful path through one’s garden.

Why Flagstone Pathways Are a Great Choice

How to Install a continuous strip soffit vent in an attic

Installing a continuous soffit vent isn’t just a good idea because it will help ventilate your attic, but it’s also required by law in many states. These vents ensure that enough air gets into your attic so that it stays cool or warm, and it also allows the turbine vents to work properly. It’s fairly easy to install the vents if you prepare and properly measure before doing any work. Before starting, you will need to get chalk, caulk, a tape measurer, hammer, hacksaw or circular saw, drill, nails, screws and the vent assembly.

Getting Started


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