Wild and Wacky

The Wild and Wacky page is the perfect place to learn interesting and little-known facts as well as gain a bit of knowledge for trivia. Learning something new can always be exhilarating, and these fun facts are the perfect place to begin. They are quirky and entertaining, yet they are helpful at the same time. This is because not everything that happens in life follows a regulated pattern. Sometimes, one’s life is full of wacky occurrences that are hard to believe. These are perfect times to look at this how-to page to learn what to do in these strange and hard-to-believe circumstances.

How to Watch a liquid boiling in space

Watching a pot of water boil is one of the most familiar as well as one of the most fundamental processes that occur on earth. It is so simple that individuals do not even have to think about how to do it or about what makes it happen. Almost every adult knows that water on earth boils at 100° C (212° F). However, this same process becomes more complex and confusing when seen in space. One would, after all, expect water to freeze instantly out there because of it is so cold.

How to Name a comet you’ve discovered

Halley's Comet may be one of the most famous comets, but these moving bodies within our solar system are much more frequent than 75 years between appearances. The beautiful tail that often captures the eye and imagination of astronomers and dedicated photographers alike is a clump of cold rock and ice that's warmed into water vapor as it passes the sun.

How to Become a test pilot

What is a test pilot?

Imagine for a moment rocketing at a thousand miles an hour in a plane spiraling down toward earth. Most people picture a diving aircraft and nightmarish images of crashing and burning but to a professional known as “Test Pilot” the scenario just describes another day on-the-job. Thrill seekers looking for fast-paced employment requiring constant, critical analysis and split-second decision-making skills will find a test pilot job is the perfect fit.

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